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Racking storage

Carrying out racking storage of your goods, Point Logistics specialists offer you the most favorable conditions for cooperation and efficient solutions to your logistic tasks.

Point Logistics Warehouse racking system presupposes Pallet storage of EUR (800mm x 1200mm), FIN (1000 mm x 1200 mm) and AMR (1200 mm x 1200 mm) standard, provided by special shelving units with width of 2700 mm, 3300 mm and 3600 mm. By storing goods on FIN type pallets in special sections you save up to 20% of storage costs.

Point Logistics Warehouse also provides goods storage on Euro pallets with side overhang. If the total value of the side overhang does not exceed 200 mm, 3300 mm section stores three pallets, and you will save 20% of the budget for storage.

Due to the fact that design of Point Logistics warehouse racking system can be transformed depending on the nature of the cargo (height up to 2500 mm), high load capacity of shelving (weight up to 1200 kg), you minimize the time and financial costs – you pay only for actually taken place on the rack.

If you are puzzled by goods storage issues, contact Point Logistics office.